NYC Subway Motorman Calls for ISIS Attack in Rant

AP Photo via Militant Website
AP Photo via Militant Website

From the New York Post:

A disgruntled subway motorman who despises his job wants riders to suffer, too — so he posted a Facebook rant wishing for an ISIS attack on the transit system, The Post has learned.

Robert Bennett, who operates F trains to and from Coney Island, lashed out at riders and his limited break time in the ­F-bomb-riddled diatribe.

“F–K THIS PLACE, F–K THE MTA, F–K THE UNGRATEFUL GARBAGE WE CALL PASSENGERS,” wrote Bennett, who lives on Staten Island.

“I hope Al Shabah, ISIS or Al Queda [sic] attacks the subway,” he wrote, referring to the terrorist organizations al-Shabaab, ISIS and al Qaeda.

“2 hours on a f–king train and I have 17 minutes before I get on another to go back to Stillwell,” he griped.

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