David Axelrod’s (Ongoing) Commie Connections


This article originally appeared at The American Spectator:

Several times I’ve written for The American Spectator on the person of David Axelrod, the figure most responsible for giving America two terms of Barack Obama. My first piece was a cover feature for the March 2012 print edition, titled, “David Axelrod, Lefty Lumberjack.” This lengthy profile was followed by an August 2012 piece titled, “All in the (Political) Family.” Then followed still more writings on Axelrod and friends, particularly the new material I reported in my book on Obama’s communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

These writings got a lot of attention. I discussed the topic a number of times in interviews. People were shocked, and they wanted more. What other skeletons lay in David Axelrod’s political-ideological closet?

I dug into all of the declassified archival documents and old Congressional investigative reports at my disposal. But even then, what I could find was limited by what Axelrod would divulge, and because liberal “journalists” who had profiled Axelrod’s background never dared to raise any red flags from the past of our president’s chief image-maker. Like Obama himself, Obama’s molder and shaper had to be protected by liberal “journalists.”

One crucial opening amid the Axelrod roadblocks came with the death of Axelrod’s mother a little over a year ago, which led to the funeral home posting a bio that finally resolved the remarkably elusive question of the names of her parents and grandparents and other strangely absent information. I reported on this in an April 2014 piece for The American Spectator, titled, “The Quest for David Axelrod’s Leftist Roots.”

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