Garland Shooter Nadir Soofi Had Long Criminal Record

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office via AP
Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office via AP

Nadir Soofi – who along with roommate Elton Simpson attempted to carry out mass slaughter in the name of Islam on Sunday in Garland, Texas – had a long history of run-ins with the law.

On Sunday, Soofi and Simpson stormed a “Draw Muhammad” free speech event in Garland, Texas, while armed with AK47 assault rifles. They are both now deceased thanks to a skilled Garland officer who neutralized the pair with his sidearm. Some reports have stated that the two carried out the attack on behalf of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

While living in Utah from 1997 to 2005, Soofi, who is of Pakistani descent, was charged in about 20 separate court cases, the Salt Lake Tribune reports. Soofi accumulated several drug and alcohol charges, and accrued other offenses for speeding and simple traffic violations.

The Salt Lake Tribune reports:

In 2003, Soofi was charged in Salt Lake City’s justice court with class B misdemeanor counts of distributing a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The case was dismissed in July 2003. The court docket says the dismissal was in conjunction with a guilty plea to a 2002 federal court case that is not found in U.S. District Court records. Also in July 2003 in justice court, Soofi pleaded guilty to class B misdemeanor simple assault. A misdemeanor count of criminal mischief was dismissed along with disturbing the peace, an infraction.

In March 2002, Soofi pleaded guilty in Salt Lake City’s 3rd District Court to class B misdemeanor reckless driving. A speeding violation — 65 mph in a 35 mph zone — was dismissed. In June 2002, he pleaded guilty to class B misdemeanor driving on an alcohol-related suspended license. In June 2001, Soofi, then 20 years old, pleaded guilty to class B misdemeanor unlawful purchase of alcohol by a minor.

Although he struggled to acclimate to life in America, Soofi was a “popular schoolboy” in Pakistan, Reuters reports.

Soofi attended high school at the International School of Islamabad. Afterwards, he began his failed attempt at the University of Utah as a pre-med student.

“When he was in Islamabad, he had a great life. His mom was an American who taught art at the school, he was in plays, popular with girls,” an unidentified “best friend” of Soofi’s told Reuters.

“His nickname was Goofy” because he had a great sense of humor, explained the friend.

Other friends told Reuters that in America, Soofi alienated himself from society, and that they gradually stopped communicating with him altogether. “I looked at his picture, and I didn’t recognize him,” a friend said regarding Soofi transition into growing a beard and dressing in Islamic attire.


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