Nuclear Deal: Rouhani Praises Iranian People, Warns of ‘Propaganda of Warmongering Zionists’


Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says “a new chapter has begun” with regard to Iran’s “collaborations throughout the world” and warned his countrymen and women not to be “deceived by the propaganda of the Zionist regime” of Israel, in a speech after the P5+1 reached a final deal with Iran on Tuesday.

His sentiments were echoed on his Twitter feed:

During the live broadcast from state-sponsored Press TV, Rouhani said “Today marks an end and a beginning. It is the end of unfair and unjust and nonsensical accusations against the great people of Iran. And it is the beginning of an era with new collaborations throughout the world.”

He invoked the prayers of the people of Iran during the Ramadan holiday as being a major catalyst to help propel the deal to its finality. “I announce to our people that our prayers have come true,” Rouhani said.

In his address, Rouhani said that the sanctions never succeeded in terms of hurting the Iranian government or its nuclear program, but it affected and harmed the every day lives of Iran’s people. “The strength of Iran is also your strength,” he said in addressing neighboring nations.

Under the deal, Iran will receive extremely limited inspections of their nuclear facilities and will be allowed to continue its nuclear program for peaceful purposes. Iran will not permit access to military sites and the inspections will likely be planned and not taking place on a 24/7 basis. In a tweet, Rouhani again reiterated that they are not seeking weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), rather a “further expansion of ties” and that they are not “exerting pressure on regional states.”

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