Saudis Buy $3.2 Billion Missile Defense System from South Korea, Shop for Chinese Weapons

The South Korean Ministry of National Defense on Tuesday announced Saudi Arabia has agreed to purchase a $3.2 billion surface-to-air missile defense system, while China gushed that its weapons “attracted great interest” from the Saudis at a defense show in Riyadh over the weekend. The Saudis are also making strides with indigenously produced military systems, perhaps marking the definitive end of the Kingdom’s dependence upon the United States for defense products.

South Korea's Cheongung medium range surface-to-air missile system seen on display du

Houthis Vow to ‘End U.S. Hegemony Forever’

The Iran-backed Houthi terrorists of Yemen said on Monday that American and British airstrikes will not deter them from attacking civilian ships in the Red Sea. Instead, they vowed to “end U.S. hegemony forever” with retaliatory action.

Houthi rebels hold their weapons aloft in Sana’a, Yemen.

China Catches Up to U.S. Nuclear Submarine Technology

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) on Monday published a gloomy report warning that the U.S. Navy is losing its competitive edge in submarine warfare to China, which went from creaky, noisy, slow-moving subs to ultra-quiet nuclear-powered attack vehicles in under 20 years.

A Great Wall 236 submarine of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy, billed by C

Analysts Claim Greece-Turkey War Unlikely Despite Turkish Threats to Bomb Athens, Invade ‘Suddenly’ at Night

ATHENS, Greece (AP) – Even by the standards of Turkey’s and Greece’s frequently strained relations, it was a remarkable escalation. Speaking to youths in a Black Sea town, Turkey’s president directly threatened his country’s western neighbour: Unless the Greeks “stay calm,” he said, Turkey’s new ballistic missiles would hit their capital city.