ISIS Executes Taliban ‘Apostates’ by Forcing Them to Kneel on Bombs

Video Shot
Video Shot

The Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has developed a new method for murdering prisoners: forcing them to kneel on buried explosives. That is the treatment ISIS militants gave to ten “apostates,” according to the UK Daily Mail. Even more disturbing, these executions were carried out not in Iraq or Syria, but Afghanistan, where ISIS has been working to establish a presence.

In the new ISIS murder video, uploaded to jihadi social media accounts on Sunday night, a group of ten men believed to be from the Shinwari tribe are led, blindfolded, to kneel atop buried bombs by black-clad Islamic State militants. Militant leaders theatrically prance around on horses across the fog-shrouded hills, and each dramatic cut in the video is accompanied by the sound of a sword slashing. The careful preparation of the explosive charges is depicted in detail.

The full video shows the bomb blasts and grisly aftermath, although the edited copy posted by the Daily Mail ends right before the explosion.

The “apostasy” supposedly committed by the victims included helping the Taliban expel ISIS from Nangarhar province. The Daily Mail reports that several of the executed prisoners were accused of aiding the Afghan government.

The UK Independent notes that another recently released ISIS video showed the beheading of Taliban fighters.