SHOCK VIDEO: ISIS Toddler Beheads His Teddy Bear

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A shocking video has surfaced on social media showing a toddler beheading his teddy bear and displaying ISIS-like antics in the process.

The boy gleefully enters a room while brandishing a knife that is approximately the size of his arm. He then runs over to his teddy bear, which is sitting next to a wall draped with Islamic State flags, and proceeds to behead the stuffed animal, seemingly copying the method of now-infamous ISIS terrorist Jihadi John.

A man filming the boy then shouts “Takfir,” a term used to describe an apostate. The boy responds by raising his knife in the air, and proceeds to continue hacking away at the stuffed creature.

Once the boy is finished, he walks away and again raises his knife in the air, leading the man behind the camera to yell “Allahu Akbar!”

It remains unclear whether the video was released by the Islamic State. According to the New York Daily News, the video was posted on YouTube Friday, but the original source appears to have been taken down.

ISIS has in the past employed child-soldiers to carry out beheadings and other forms of executions on the battlefield.

This weekend, an ISIS-affiliated group posted a video of child soldiers executing 3 men accused of being spies.


Last month, a pre-adolescent boy dressed in military fatigues, who is part of the jihadi outfit’s child-soldier unit, known as the “cubs of the caliphate,” beheaded an ISIS-held hostage in Homs, Syria.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has documented that dozens of child-soldiers have been utilized to execute additional hostages by beheading or shooting them.


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