Dr. Alan Mendoza: Brussels Bombing Shows European Multiculturalism ‘Simply Has Not Worked’

A member of military police patrols the Brussels Airport

Dr. Alan Mendoza, founder and Executive Director of the Henry Jackson Society, said the coordinated terrorist bombings in Brussels must force Europeans to consider multiculturalism simply has not worked and they must “remember what being European is” Tuesday morning on Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM. 

Mendoza noted the recent arrest of Paris massacre suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels was an obvious factor in Tuesday’s slaughter, which may have been intended as a retaliatory strike, or perhaps an attempt to act before Abdeslam gave up vital information on his terror network.  He has reportedly told the authorities his cell was preparing for new attacks.

“In a sense, it may have been unfortunate because of the success of capturing that suspect, that we now have an immediate response here,” he said.  

He warned that European terror networks would almost certainly include operatives who had gained combat experience in Syria, capable of pulling off massive coordinated attacks like the one that struck Brussels. To face this escalating threat, Mendoza said European governments needed to spend more money on intelligence-gathering operations, and “get real in terms of surveillance” on Islamist radicals.

When host Stephen K. Bannon expressed the frustration of people across the Western world trying to live their daily lives in the face of relentless Islamist terrorism, Dr. Mendoza said, “The crisis of Western civilization is the response, rather than the acts itself.”

“What we desperately need, and what Europeans will have to begin to understand, is that their idea of multiculturalism — their idea of allowing communities to come into their societies and act as they please, rather than as we would ask everyone to behave — has simply not worked.  And the idea that you have, for example, ghettos in France and Belgium in particular, come down to a direct failure of the French and Belgian states to, in a sense, forcibly integrate immigrant communities,” he continued.

The result of this failure of assimilation, Mendoza explained, was that “you can get an extreme minority of immigrants coming in, causing chaos… and everyone reacting, as you say, with absolute horror and not understanding what to do.”

He said the solution for Europe is simple in theory: “They have to remember what being European is, just as America remembers what being American is.”

Mendoza understood the frustration of Western citizens with their political elites, noting that border security played a role in the current “Brexit” debate over Britain leaving the European Union.  However, he thought the debate over border security in Europe might be coming too late.

“We are now facing this, even in Britain, that there are people within our borders already who have become radicalized, and who are looking to attack the state that they live in,” he warned. “So, in a sense, yes, the migration issue is at the core of this Brexit argument… but it is also a red herring.  The people who want Britain today are not living in Belgium and France.  They’re living in Britain.  And that will not be solved by a Brexit vote.”

Mendoza’s top recommendations for dealing with the aftermath of the Brussels attack began with measures that are already underway, namely flooding the streets with terrorism experts, police, and military forces as necessary, to “stabilize the situation, and give confidence to the public that the authorities are responding.”

But that’s only the first step.  Mendoza urged going further with house-to-house searches, especially in areas like Molenbeek where Islamist radicals are known to be active.  “What needs to be done, above all else, is to restore public confidence that the authorities are on top of this.  And that means a very, very harsh response by the authorities, in order to chase down every lead they have, to make sure that other terrorists, or would-be terrorists, are not going to strike,” he advised.  “Because we know, in the past, what happens is that you have one attack, and another one is planned almost the next day, because they wish to build on that momentum.”

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