Nicolás Maduro: ‘I’ve Been to the Future,’ Venezuela Full of ‘Peace and Happiness’

This picture released by Miraflores presidential palace press office shows Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro delivering a speech during a meeting in the framework of the preparations for the Bicentennial Angostura Congress and the Military Exercise "Soberania 2019" at the Fuerte Tiuna Military Complex, in Caracas on January 15, 2019. (Photo …

Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro made the latest in a series of bizarre claims on Wednesday, declaring that he has visited the future where his regime’s power is secure and his crisis-stricken country is prosperous again.

“I already went to the future and I returned, and I saw that everything turns out well and that the civic-military union gives peace and happiness to our people, as well as absolute security,” Maduro said during an event in front of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces.

Although he did not specify what supernatural experience provided him with this insight, Maduro claimed that the trip also confirmed that the security of his socialist regime was guaranteed.

“I am sure that everything will turn out well and that we will come out stronger and wiser from this whole juncture,” he continued. “I am certain. A handful of immature improvisers will not be able to damage the republican life of Venezuela. This will not be possible.”

As noted by CubaNet, it was not the first time that Maduro boasted of having “supernatural gifts,” including the ability to communicate with animals and describe paranormal phenomena. Last May, he visited a farm where he delivered a confounding address to cattle about the importance of replacing the democratically elected National Assembly with an unelected “Constituent Assembly” comprised of solely government supporters.

“I want spokesmen, leaders, and producers of the field to be next deputies of the Constituent Assembly,” he said in front of the cattle. “Are you going to accompany me? Are you going to support me in the Constituent Assembly or do you want opposition? Do you want violence? Do you want death? Those of us who want peace and life go to the Constituent Assembly.”

The 56-year-old strongman, who last week extended his presidential tenure for another six years after carrying out an illegal power grab amid numerous claims of fraud, is also known for his bizarre rhetoric on topics ranging from Donald Trump to the state of his impoverished country.

In recent months, Maduro has compared both U.S. and Brazilian Presidents Donald Trump and Jair Bolsonaro to Adolf Hitler, citing their outspoken opposition to his authoritarian regime.

“These are criminal acts, similar to the Nazis,” Maduro declared in November as the U.S. imposed more sanctions on the regime. “Very similar to the Nazi and fascist ideology. Just like Hitler persecuted the Jewish people, Donald Trump persecutes the people of Venezuela.”

“There we have Brazil, in the hands of a fascist … Bolsonaro is Hitler in modern times,” he said of Bolsonaro this week. “He does not have the courage of his own convictions because he is a puppet, a puppet of groups, of sects.”

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