Sonnie Johnson: Two Americas – Resistance Versus Growth

With the economy humming along at 4.1 percent GDP some people are still yelling about resistance. On this week’s Did She Say That, Sonnie Johnson breaks down the divide in the country and lets the resistance movement know they better get on board before there is another economic downturn—because they always come back around.

Also, Sonnie discusses the age of the “pundit apology.” Some people build their fortunes and followers by tearing other people down. When they are called out on it—sometimes years later—they give a weak apology. Sonnie isn’t having any of that.

In addition, Sonnie takes a look at Beyonce’s upcoming Vogue cover shoot & the LeBron James public school initiative.


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Sonnie Johnson is the host of the weekly Breitbart podcast Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson. She is also the host of  Sonnie’s Corner on SiriusXM Patriot 125, Saturdays at 1 p.m. Eastern. Follow her on Twitter @SonnieJohnson.


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