Exclusive–Lara Trump: ‘People Have Lost Their Lives’ Due to Biden’s Mistakes

Lara Trump
(Photo by Samuel Corum/Getty Images)

Lara Trump, senior campaign adviser for the former president, appeared on Breitbart News Saturday where she discussed 2024 and the necessity of beating President Joe Biden.

Since Joe Biden ascended to the presidency in 2020, the world seems to have spiraled out of control, from the poor Afghanistan withdrawal to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the horrific terrorist attack on Israel, leading to the loss of countless lives amid so much destruction. In her interview with Alex Marlow, Lara Trump contrasted Biden’s record with that of the former president, emphasizing how Donald Trump’s was mostly peaceful.

“All of these mistakes that Joe Biden has made have real consequences and they do affect people’s lives,” Lara Trump said, to which Marlow agreed. “People have lost their lives thanks to the poor decisions of this president.”

Lara Trump said that America and the world will suffer greatly “if we do not get” the 2024 election right and instead give Joe Biden a second term as president.

“We can’t do any more damage to this country and this world that has already been done under Joe Biden. We need Donald Trump back,” she asserted.

Marlow said that Lara Trump has taken the “right approach” to 2024. He also praised her growing show, The Right View with Lara Trump, which has been building a steady following and has regularly featured him as a guest.

“I think you’re trying to create a sense of normalcy on the right,” said Alex. “Whereas the media portrays us as if we have horns and we are just hermits in our basement … You’re a very upbeat person … I find it to be somewhat comforting.”

“I don’t know any way to be than just be myself,” she responded.

The former president’s campaign strategist discussed a range of issues on the podcast, which can be heard in full below:

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