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Paul Ryan Twitterview Recap: 20 Questions with Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)


@BigGovt Q1: Rep. Ryan, thx for the Twitterview! Kindly explain, in 140 chars or less, how your budget deals with entitlements like Medicare #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A1: Thx! Our plan: no more empty promises; saves Medicare w no changes 4 those 54+ & real reform 4 next generation #ryanttv

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@BigGovt Q2: Democrats say they have a Medicare plan in form of ObamaCare’s $500bn cuts. Is that a real plan? Will it keep Medicare solvent? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A2. No PPACA raids Medicare to pay for ObamaCare & lets bureaucrats ration care. For truth on Medicare- #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q3: What is the difference between the Medicare exchanges you propose for future seniors & the ObamaCare insurance exchanges 4 all? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A3. Different populations: Our exchanges arefor seniors only. Different directions: we empower seniors, PPACA empowers government. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q4: Under yr plan what happens to middle-class person who hits 65 without savings 2 cover diff between Medicare payment & pvt ins? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A4: Premium support depends on income & health. Medicare-guaranteed coverage w. greater subsidy for chronically ill and low-income. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q5: A libertarian view might oppose Medicare entirely-are your Medicare proposals motivated by that goal, as some Democrats allege? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A5: No, Medicare = critical part of the safety net. CBO says Medicare is insolvent in 2021 unless we act. We save & strengthen it #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q6: Your Road Map last year also included Social Security reform. Did you leave that out of your 2012 budget for political reasons? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A6: We must save Soc. Sec. & Fiscal Comm. showed bipartisan reform is possible. Our budget creates space for solutions. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q7: Dems are targeting seniors with anti-Ryan ads–will they succeed? Do you think your message could win back young voters to GOP? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A7: No, as many claims= false: We grow economy, pay off debt, & offer brighter fiscal future 4 youth. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q8: Are you concerned that Republicans might be losing their nerve for honest debate on entitlements as Democrats go on the attack? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A8: Conservatives are united & resolve is strengthened. Do-nothing-but-demagogue from Left is neither real solution nor real leadership. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q9: Is there a way 2 balance budget w/cuts 2 discretionary spending, even defense, rather than entitlements for the next few years? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A9: Theoretically, not realistically. HC spending is growing 4x inflation and driving our debt. Let’s tackle the real threat. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q10: Paul Krugman among others argues cutting govt spending now would reduce demand & growth, and hurt job creation. Your response? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A10: 2 years w. over $1T deficits & 24% spending hikes hasn’t grown economy. A better way: cut spending, lower taxes, pay off debt #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q11: Do you think the US is hurting its credit rating and economic prospects by debating the debt ceiling? How long can this go on? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A11: Spending cuts & controls are critical for economy. If Pres wants $1 debt ceiling hike, need 2cut >$1 of govt spending #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q12: You are a leading fiscal conservative, yet you voted for TARP. Would you do the same today and has risk been worth the reward? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A12: TARP was proposed amid a crisis, so we were in crisis management mode. Shows why we need 2 tackle debt crisis before it hits. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q13: The president’s fiscal commission proposed tax increases-why are they off limits 4 Republicans? Can we balance budget without? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A13: Tax hikes will slow econ. growth. FY2012 budget is revenue neutral & takes ideas (broader base,lower rates) from Fiscal Comm. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q14: What is the number one policy reform that would create the most jobs right now? Have you proposed it yet–and if not, why not? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan Q14: Our budget is plan to lift debt & grow economy- strengthens competitiveness, provides confidence/certainty 4 job creators #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q15: Are Republicans too focused on budget cuts and entitlement reforms, rather than jobs, heading into the 2012 presidential race? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A15: The issues overlap & our budget is a jobs budget. Lowers tax rates, cuts spending, pays off debt to grow economy & create jobs #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q16: Some Republicans argue that our budget crunch means pulling back from our military and foreign policy commitments. Do u agree? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A16: Our budget accepts Sec. Gates recommendations on DoD savings. We’re a nation at war & gov’t has 2 provide for common defense. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q17: What would you like to see modified, if anything, and what would you retain, if anything, in President Obama’s foreign policy? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A17: Remember that decline is a choice. Speech @ Hamilton Society last wk for more: #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q18: You are pro-life and conservative on social issues. Are these relevant to our budget/economic problems, and the 2012 election? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A18: Yes, our fiscal challenges are moral ones. We need to ask: what should gov’t be doing? What kind of nation do we want to be? #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q19: a. Are you considering running for President in 2012? b. ever? c. aside from family concerns what would be biggest challenges? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A19: a. No, I can make best contribution 2 solving fiscal challenges as HBC Chair. b. Not thinking about it. c. Missing Wisconsin. #ryanttv

@BigGovt Q20: Dems are targeting you in your district for 2012-will it be a close race and will it hold you back from your national message? #ryanttv

@RepPaulRyan A20: Not focused on my political security; focused on economic security of those I have the honor to serve. #ryanttv

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