The Obama 'Axis of Evil'

Obama finally got something right. Can you believe it? In a recent interview, Obama said he is confident we will not enter a double dip recession. Brilliant Sherlock. No, we are not entering a double dip. That is because we never left the first dip. Only Obama could get something so right, because he is so wrong.

While Obama, Fed Chief Bernanke, Treasury Secretary Geithner, and various other Obama economists, lackeys and socialist cabal members drone on about double dip, or not to double dip, common folks on Main Street understand that there has never been a recovery.

The continuing Great Recession started on Bush’s watch in 2007 and has never ended. Like Herbert Hoover, another Republican President who panicked, and failing Capitalism 101, abandoned fiscal conservative principles, George W. Bush turned to big government to “save us.” And as usual, the more government tries to save us, the worse it gets. So Bush channeled Hoover, starting the bailouts, stimulus, and insane levels of spending and government intervention.

Then, just when you thought it could not get any worse, along came Obama with his “Axis of Evil” game plan. What is the “Axis of Evil,” you ask? It is the principles to which Obama’s life is dedicated: Taxation, Regulation, Government Strangulation, Unionization and Litigation.

Obama is obsessed. He drools and dreams of taxes, lawyers, and unions. He reads his daughters bedtime stories about his heroes — IRS auditors, union goons, and the greatest class action lawyers of all-time. At Christmas, he decorates his tree with IRS tax forms, union labels, and law firm mastheads.

Obama actually believes that unemployment checks and food stamps are economic stimulus, jobs are created by lawsuits and tax money grows on trees. He believes teachers unions educate children (although not his little girls — they are safely tucked away in private school for $60,000 per year). He believes Lincoln saved the union — the auto union, teachers union and government employees union. Obama and Michelle’s favorite song must be “Axis of Evil” sung by Geithner & The Taxes.

Like other big government comrades such as Castro, Chavez, Mao, or that dashing couple that bankrupted Argentina, Eva & Juan Peron, Obama actually believes this stuff. He drinks the Axis of Evil Kool-Aid. Of course it has a union label. Much like Kosher foods that are blessed and approved by a rabbi, Obama’s foods are blessed and approved by the SEIU. His Presidential limo features a bumper sticker that states “Workers of the World Unite.”

Obama’s Axis of Evil has wrecked the U.S. economy from sea to shining sea. This Axis of Evil targeted, demonized, frightened, and punished business owners until there were no jobs. It is this Axis of Evil that turned Bush’s Great Recession into the Obama Great Depression. It is this Axis of Evil climate of fear that has turned this nation into Obamageddon.

Only those who are blind or drink the Kool-Aid can fail to see that America is in shambles, chaos and unprecedented crisis. True unemployment is at Great Depression levels. The Real Estate collapse has surpassed the Great Depression. The stock market is limping along, on the verge of collapse. Consumer confidence, manufacturing, and retail sales are plummeting. Inflation is skyrocketing (on the products that matter — energy and food prices). Banks cannot lend because they are either insolvent or handcuffed by new government regulations. And, our AAA credit rating is gone for the first time in history.

Our national debt goes up $3 million per minute under Obama. In one day under Obama the debt went up $200 billion — more than the entire 2007 deficit under Bush. But have no fear — our President is hard at work on the golf course at Martha’s Vineyard. Rest assured he is burning the midnight oil searching for the solution to save our economy. You just never know what you might find in a golf hole or on a putting green. Perhaps the answer to all our troubles is staring at Obama…in the clubhouse. Thank goodness Obama is on the job!

Obama is a tax stalker obsessed with these Axis of Evil ideas. Taxes and government spending are the twin monsters he turns to in a pinch every time. As he plays golf all over Cape Cod, rest assured he has visions of entitlements and tax fairies dancing in his head. The reason American business is frightened and paralyzed is because Obama’s obsessions (taxes, spending and regulation) and best friends (lawyers and unions) are the mortal enemies of all taxpayers, job creators, investors and small business owners. Obama’s game plan has created a climate of fear, uncertainty and crisis.

But at least Obama got one thing right — there is no chance of a double dip. Not in the middle of this Great Obama Depression. There is no recovery – only debt, depression and disaster. As long as the Axis of Evil reigns supreme, there can be no recovery, no new jobs, no hope or change.

Taxation, Regulation, Government Strangulation, Unionization and Litigation. The Axis of Evil ruins lives, kills jobs, redistributes our wealth, destroys workforce productivity, hinders investment, and weakens heroes of the workforce like kryptonite.

There is nowhere left to hide…except the golf course.


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