Bachmann Pushes for 'No Confidence' Vote on Holder

I recently had a post on Big Government that addressed the fact that number of Reps calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation had reached 109, while support for Congressman Paul Gosar’s (R-AZ) “No Confidence” resolution, House Resolution 490, was nearing 100 Reps. Well, thanks to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN), that post is old news. The number of Reps backing Gosar’s resolution hit 100 on March 8 when Bachmann put her name on the dotted line.

Said Bachmann:

Today I joined 99 of my colleagues in publicly proclaiming that we have lost all confidence in Attorney General Eric Holder, through my co-sponsorship of House Resolution 490. I thank Congressman Gosar for leading the effort to expose the Attorney General’s failed leadership in his post. I have long believed that Attorney General Holder is inadequate for his position. I actually called on him to resign in 2010 because of his missteps on Wikileaks and the handling of the underwear bomber. Operation Fast and Furious is the latest failure by Attorney General Holder, and I believe our nation deserves better.

To Bachmann’s point, because of Fast and Furious there are still over 1,000 weapons on the street that were purchased via straw purchasers. These weapons are completely unaccounted for. Moreover, there are two dead Federal Agents–Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata–whose lives were taken by criminals using weapons obtained via DOJ and ATF sponsored straw purchases.

The families of Terry and Zapata, as well as Americans who abide by the law and expect their government to do the same, concur wholeheartedly with Bachmann’s assertion that our nation deserves a better AG. We’re all waiting to see Holder and others behind Fast and Furious to face prosecution.


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