Dem Rep. Admits Party Expects Votes in Exchange for Gov. Handouts

Dem Rep. Admits Party Expects Votes in Exchange for Gov. Handouts

When Democrats are actually honest with the American people, they usually say things they wish they hadn’t. Like the time Michelle Obama told a Wisconsin crowd in 2008 that she was “really proud of her country…for the first time in [her] adult life,” or when John Kerry (D-Mass.) equated our military with terrorists, or more recently, when Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-Penn.) admitted that Democrats expect votes in exchange for all the free stuff they pass out to people via the government dole.

Talking with Al Sharpton on April 24, and addressing hopes that Democrats will be able to turn out voters this November, Fattah unabashedly claimed that “people who are unemployed, [are] not going to be voting for the party who wants to cut their benefits–cut access to food stamps, cut job training.” In other words, Fattah believes Americans who’ve been conditioned to live on Democrat handouts will certainly continue to vote for the Democrats. The last thing they’d do is vote for those rascally Republicans who want to rein in spending and encourage people to strive, once more, for some semblance of personal responsibility.

Yet for good measure, in case some Democrat voters are beginning to be swayed by the Republican criticisms of the 70% rise in Food Stamp usage under Obama, Fattah added: “The idea that Republicans are trying to help those who are unemployed is nonsense.”


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