Report: 119% Voter Turnout in Madison, WI

Report: 119% Voter Turnout in Madison, WI

A Madison City Clerk has told a Wisconsin radio host that turnout for the area is expected at over 100%, up to 119%. What makes it all the more interesting is that this story comes from a far-left site.

Heavy turnout in Madison, a liberal stronghold, would likely benefit Democrat Tom Barrett.

This PDF from the City of Madison shows that as of 11:00 AM, voter turnout was at 25%, with 42,961 out of 165,312 registered voters already casting their ballots:


Progressives shrug the 119% figure off as evidence that people are registering at the polls to vote. Considering that Wisconsin has oddly relaxed voter ID laws and a judge granted an injunction against measures that would have protected people’s votes, is it any surprise? 

I’m sure Eric Holder’s DOJ is on the case. 

For more, check out Anita MonCrief’s “The Problem with Same Day Voter Registration” here.

UPDATE: Madiscon City Clerk talks to Politico. Again, even 96% is completely unrealistic — and why have 25% projected by 11am?


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