Secret Service Shut Down Fast and Furious Protest

Secret Service Shut Down Fast and Furious Protest

A protest calling for the firing of Attorney General Eric Holder in front of the White House was called off early by the Secret Service.

Matthew Boyle at The Daily Caller said agents found an abandoned backpack calling it a “suspicious package.” They closed down the Pennsylvania Avenue mall across the street and Lafayette Park to protestors and tourists. The Secret Service brought in bomb-sniffing K-9 dogs.

Eventually someone came forward to claim the backpack. The lady said she put it down to take a picture with her family.

They had a National Park Service protest permit from 10AM – 12PM, but were cleared out at 10:43AM. Organizer Oliver Darcy has a few suspicions about why this happened. He told Mr. Boyle they were confronting the White House on a scandal they don’t want to talk about.

“On Pennsylvania Avenue, they shut the entire block down, you know? From my judgment, it seemed like an overreaction, but I don’t work for the Secret Service and I know they take this stuff very seriously,” said Mr. Darcy. “It did seem very odd that during a protest of Attorney General Eric Holder and Barack Obama in front of the White House that all of a sudden there was a mysterious bag left — accidentally, right?”

Secret Service Brian Leary told The Daily Caller they treated this as they do every suspicious package.

“We frequently deal with unattended packages at the White House complex and that’s the way we respond to all of them,” he said.

Operation Fast & Furious has the potential to cause serious damage to the Obama administration. The ATF allowed guns to walk without any way to trace or interdict them. Guns have been linked to the deaths of Border Patrol Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans. They’ve been found at twelve crime scenes across America.

Protestors held signs that said “Holder Must Go!” “Release The Documents” and “We Need To #FireHolder!”


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