Attacking Sheldon Adelson: Obama's Dog Whistle to Anti-Israel Left

Attacking Sheldon Adelson: Obama's Dog Whistle to Anti-Israel Left

Mitt Romney has many wealthy donors who have contributed millions to super PACs favorable to his candidacy. But Democrats and the Obama campaign have consistently targeted Las Vegas Jewish — and pro-Israel — casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. 

Obama needs to keep every part of his base rapid and mobilized to turn out for him in the fall, and the anti-Israel left makes up a part of that base. These voters are attracted to organizations like Media Matters and others funded by the likes of George Soros. And singling out Adelson — by painting him stereotypically as a wealthy, nefarious, shady, behind-the-scenes puppet master — serves as a dog whistle to keep these groups engaged. 

In its most recent fundraising e-mail, the Obama campaign again targets Adelson. In the email, the campaign writes its supporters supporters that “if we don’t step it up, we’re in trouble because we’re up against billionaires and super PACs that are funneling unprecedented amounts of money to defeat Obama in this election.”

These words are followed by a graphic in which 188,679 grassroots donors making an average contribution of $53 are made equal to Sheldon Adelson.

“188,679 = ONE SHELDON ADELSON,” reads the graphic. Under the “188,679” are dozens of figures representing grassroots donors. In Adelson’s column is one tuxedo-clad figure in red that is elongated to take up the whole column. 

There is a coordinated effort on the left to also make Adelson’s life miserable for donating to Republican causes. The Justice Department is investigating whether Adelson’s casinos potentially broke the law by not reporting allegedly laundered monies that were transferred to its casinos. Of course, just investigating the matter — and making it known to the public — associates Adelson with guilt when no monies may have been laundered at all. 

Recently, the DCCC falsely accused him of being  linked  to “Chinese prostitution money,” comments which they later retracted and for which they apologized. 

And the vile and decrepit leftist comedian Sarah Silverman performed a sex act with a dog in a video in order to humiliate Adelson. 

By constantly putting Adelson in the spotlight, the left is not-so-subtly dog-whistling to its anti-Israel left to keep them engaged in a campaign in which Obama will need every part of his coalition to turn out to the polls on these secondary issues because Obama cannot run on his economic record. 


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