Jennifer Granholm: God Shut Down Republican Convention

Jennifer Granholm: God Shut Down Republican Convention

Poor Jennifer Granholm. The one-time rising Democrat star and failed Michigan governor who now haunts channel 455 of your cable box playing Rachel Maddow-lite (complete with smart-girl glasses), is now relegated to Roseanne Barr-style shock-tweets laced with mean stupidity in order to call a little attention to herself:

This is a real howler coming from a woman replaced by a Republican after her failed policies rained as much misery on the State of Michigan as any hurricane.

But let’s talk about the real issue, and that’s the media.

If some obscure, no-name Republican City Councilman in some unincorporated small Southern town tweeted these exact words out after President Obama’s convention was delayed by a hurricane, right now it would be the lead on Politico, Andrea Mitchell’s wig hair would be on fire, Michael Steele and Joe Scarborough would’ve called a joint press conference to condemn the remarks, and the entire media-collective would be tut-tutting Romney’s unwillingness to distance himself from The RacistHateTheocraticExtemismThatWillSurelyGiveSwingVotersPauseBecauseRomneysTaxReturns.

But Hurricane Granholm –a  former freakin’ governor and current broadcaster who just today appeared on ABC’s “This Week” — will get a full pass for declaring God is on the side of The State because Obama’s media punks know that Democrats like Granholm and Obama never mean what they say about God…

…Because they don’t believe in God.

“Oh, wait,” the corrupt media will tell you, “It was just a joke. Lighten up.”

You first, Bedwetters For Obama.


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*This post was updated to correct a factual error.


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