Romney Responds to Obama's 'Revenge' with 'Love'

Romney Responds to Obama's 'Revenge' with 'Love'

Yesterday, Divider-In-Chief Barack Obama told a (small) crowd of supporters to get their revenge against Mitt Romney with their vote.

Today, in a terrific ad, Mitt Romney responds by telling all Americans “to vote for love of country.”



This was no slip of the tongue, either. Team Obama ran an ad in Ohio claiming Romney is “not one of us.” We’ve also seen Obama’s surrogates trash Romney as a tax cheat, a “felon,” and accuse him of murder.

If Obama wins, I don’t know how he plans to govern after running the nastiest and most divisive presidential campaign in memory. He’s looked nothing like a president during this campaign and everything like a nasty, Chicago union thug.

Of course, the Libya scandal will have his Administration so crippled, governing will be the least of his problems.  

If you look at the state polls, this is all you have to know: Right now they average somewhere around a D+6 turnout advantage. If the methodology was somewhere around D+2, Romney would be rating as tied or ahead in many of the swing states. One set of pollsters say one thing, another says something different.

But I do know which candidate is looking confident, inspirational, and drawing the crowds.

ADDED: Here’s another terrific new Romney video:



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