Houston NAACP Vows to Continue Violating Election Laws

Houston NAACP Vows to Continue Violating Election Laws

The Houston chapter of the NAACP has announced their intention to continue showing up to Houston-area polling stations and “helping” people vote. According to the local authorities, this “helping”  violates election laws.

The NAACP polling station issues began on November 2nd when the Houston NAACP had effectively taken over a local polling station. A True the Vote volunteer election observer gave a sworn statement detailing the NAACP’s disruptive and aggressive behavior, as they advocated for Barack Obama. Local authorities immediately backed up the volunteer’s claims of disruptive, aggressive, and illegal behavior from the NAACP, but stopped short of calling the incident a “take-over.”

The left-leaning Houston Chronicle attempted to help the NAACP, and allowed them to claim they were “only trying to help elderly and disabled people.” Breitbart News fought back with an indictment of the Houston Chronicle’s defense of the NAACP.

Today, the Houston Chronicle engaged such tactics once again, giving the Houston NAACP an unchallenged platform to attack True the Vote volunteer election observers as “Tea party extremists.” In the hit piece, the Chronicle chose to not inform their readers that the highest local authority in election matters, Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart, had announced that what the NAACP had done, and stated they would continue to do, was illegal and a violation of election laws.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder and leader of the nonpartisan election integrity effort True the Vote stated:

“We support the views of Harris County and our Clerk, Stan Stanart bylabeling the NAACP’s actions as ‘illegal.’ His swift decision toinvestigate allegations of trespassing beyond marked boundaries at thepolls demonstrates an utmost respect for the rule of law. We believeStanart’s actions have offered considerable relief to concerned HarrisCounty voters.”

Regardless of this determination by authorities, the NAACP vows to continue with the illegal activity.


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