Gun Show Bans Products Targeted by Left

Gun Show Bans Products Targeted by Left

Reed Exhibition is a British company currently organizing and promoting one of America’s largest outdoor shows called the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show (ESOS). This show attracts over a 1000 businesses large and small, with over 200,000 in attendance.

This year the company has announced they are banning “certain products,” including any “black rifle,” high capacity magazines, or assault-style guns from the show – whether they’re legal or not. It’s particularly troubling in light of the fact that Reed Exhibition profits so willingly on the back of gun owners and our Second Amendment.

Just how important is The Constitution in your everyday life? Here’s a hint: You wouldn’t have an everyday life without it. While stories of men banding together at Valley Forge or Omaha Beach sound ancient, the tentacles of an oppressive government have slithered into our present-day lives and a stand against tyranny is being made as we speak, right here in the heart of America.

As the Obama Administration busies itself not letting the Newtown tragedy “crisis” go to waste and launching a campaign against law-abiding gun owners; our founding document is being steadfastly reinforced by a coalition of patriots, many putting their self-interests, finances and family’s well-being on the line.

The decision by Reed Exhibitions to ban modern sporting rifles, their documentation, any pictures or even brochures of these “products that in the current climate may attract negative attention” (Reed’s words) has caused a maelstrom of outrage. A boycott of sponsors, vendors and the NRA has grown quickly, and now virtually no major gun manufacturers will be exhibiting or participating in this year’s show, scheduled for February 2-10.

Incredibly, the owners of many smaller companies, even mom-and-pop enterprises in the industry have joined the boycott, many of whom rely on these events – and this show in particular – to drive the lion’s share of their business for the entire year. I’ve spoken with numerous vendors who are literally risking financial ruin by drawing this line in the sand, but they’re locked in solidarity against this spineless and knee-jerk reaction.

That’s what they would do for their country. I applaud it, and now we need the people, the attendees, the sportsmen and customers to make a stand as well.


A ‘Virtual Sports Show’ has been set up and goes live on February 2nd – the same day as the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. This will allow companies choosing to opt out of the exhibition in support of our rights under the second amendment can still connect with customers wishing to support them and purchase their products and services.

The virtual show is being organized by and located at Any vendor who has pulled out of the ESOS will be offered a marketplace free of charge to sell their products and defray some of their costs and money lost in this venture.


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