Gosnell Employee: I Saw Ten Babies Breathe Before They Were Killed

Gosnell Employee: I Saw Ten Babies Breathe Before They Were Killed

The final prosecution witness against Kermit Gosnell, the abortion doctor on trial for the capital murder of seven babies and one adult patient, was Kareema Cross, a former employee of Gosnell’s. Thursday Cross testified that she saw ten babies breathe before Gosnell killed them.

The AP reports that Cross “saw the babies’ chests move but was told by Gosnell they were not breathing.” She also claims to have seen three of the babies move their limbs and another let out a “soft whine,” before they were aborted alive.

Cross’s testimony also added more fuel to the bonfire directed at city and state officials, who, according to 2011 grand jury testimony, failed for seventeen years to officially inspect or act on numerous complaints about the Gosnell clinic. Cross said she was so troubled by what she was witnessing that she called authorities and took photographs.

If Cross did indeed complain to authorities, it appears that little or nothing was done. According to the grand jury report, Gosnell was not shut down by the Department of Health; he was shut down after his horror show was discovered by police during a raid related to illegal prescriptions.



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