Detroit: A Microcosm of Democrat Failure

Detroit: A Microcosm of Democrat Failure

For a century, Detroit has been synonymous with pride in American car manufacturing–thus the name “Motor City.” But over the course of last half of that century, as Democrats solidified control over the city’s coffers and education system and supported Big Labor at any cost, the glory of Motor City has been replaced by the shame of bankruptcy, illiteracy, and dependency.

Think about it–since 1962 every Mayor of Detroit has been a Democrat. And sadly, this era has been synonymous with corruption–perhaps most prominently with the mayoral stint of Kwame Kilpatrick (2002-2008), but under each of these mayors the handouts to big labor and big education have been plentiful.

Consider education, where Detroit Democrats have worked in lockstep with teachers unions just like they have with auto workers unions. The focus has been on the healthcare and retirement packages of teachers, as well as every compensation perk that could be pushed through. As a result, by 2009 Detroit Public Schools (DPS) were already running a $259 million deficit and in that year could only afford to hold classes in 172 of 272 school buildings.

And after focusing so much on teachers unions and so little on education, CBS Detroit reported that almost half of the city was illiterate by 2011. They could not read and lacked education, but they were carried along by the city’s social programs.

We saw the same things with auto makers, where the unions were enabled to keep the pay checks and benefits coming although the central purpose of automotive manufacturing–the actual making of cars and trucks–could not be afforded. 

Now Detroit is bankrupt and after all these years of Democrat rule it is looking for someone to come in and bail it out. The lesson for the rest of the country is that this is what happens when Democrats control every facet of governance.

They took a city that was once characterized by pride, determination, and American ingenuity and turned it into a city characterized by bankruptcy, illiteracy, and dependency.

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