Weiner Won't Shrink Away After Mayoral Loss

Weiner Won't Shrink Away After Mayoral Loss

Reports this week from New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner’s inner circle claim he is already preparing for a “comeback” after he inevitably loses his current bid for mayor of the Big Apple.

Should Anthony Weiner lose his bid for Mayor of New York City it will mark the second time his penchant for sexting and sending nude photos of himself to young women cost him a political position.

However, The Hill reports that insiders are saying the former Democrat Congressman is “setting himself up” for a comeback in some other race at some future date by sticking with this campaign to the bitter end and showing he is not afraid to finish what he started.

Bill Brandt, friend and one of Weiner’s largest contributors, says that Weiner’s tactic here is to run the course so that in the future when his past is thrown in his face, he can claim that all questions have been aired and answered and that it is all just old news.

“The truth of the matter is he’s been beaten up now for two months nonstop. When he does something for the future, it will be fair of him to say ‘asked and answered,'” Brandt said.

While Weiner is not publicly admitting that his race for mayor is already lost, the latest poll finds him under 10 percent compared to front runner Bill de Blasio’s 43 percent.

Still, few think that after this looming defeat Anthony Weiner will be done with politics. What the next race will be and how far in the future remains to be seen, but few imagine he will go away any time soon.


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