Obamacare Facebook Flooded with Complaints

Obamacare Facebook Flooded with Complaints

The government’s official Obamacare Facebook page has been inundated with hundreds of questions and complaints from individuals experiencing myriad technical problems while trying to enroll in Obamacare online.

One user wrote on the government’s HealthCare.gov Facebook: “Says cannot create account at this time. System is unavailable. I made it through the security questions and to the end. But cannot create account.” Someone behind the HealthCare.gov logo replied: “Thanks for reaching out with your issue. We are aware of the issue and are working to address it as soon as possible.”

One person said they had been trying “to create an account since 3 AM. No luck!” The government replied: “Hi Gail, first of all…love your enthusiasm. Since 3 AM? That’s some excitement! :) Thank you for sharing your issue with us, please know that we are working to address this issue as soon as possible.” 

Another individual wrote: “Website doesn’t work. Tried the 800 number twice, was told 30 minutes wait time…hung up on me after 25 minutes…TWICE!!!” Someone behind the government’s HealthCare.gov logo wrote: “Good morning Jeff! We are aware of the issue and are working to address it as soon as possible.”

Another person wrote: “Website does not work…live chat does not work…no answers the phone (waited on hold for one hour) after told a 30 minute wait. You all knew how many people were uninsured should of been prepared for the site to have millions of visitors…this is unacceptable.” The government did not reply via its Facebook page.

The main Obamacare website’s live chat feature is also down.

Earlier, Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) tweeted a photo showing the Obamacare exchange website was down nine minutes after it launched.


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