Girl Scouts Promote 'Incredible' Wendy Davis on 'Women of Year' List

Girl Scouts Promote 'Incredible' Wendy Davis on 'Women of Year' List

The Girl Scouts recently promoted Texas gubernatorial candidate and pro-abortion advocate Wendy Davis as an “incredible” woman who deserved to be on a 2013 “women of the year” list. 

After calling Davis, the mainstream media darling whose claim to fame was filibustering to block a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, “incredible,” the official Girl Scouts Twitter account linked to a Huffington Post list that had Davis and Gloria Steinem on it. 

Christy Volanski, a former member of the Girl Scouts who has explored some of the ties the organization may have to Planned Parenthood, told LifeNews that “it saddens me to share the fall of this once venerable organization that to this day retains the support of so many wonderful women and girls, many of whom are unaware of what they are actually supporting.”

The Girls Scouts recently came under fire and scrubbed a spokesperson, Josh Ackley, from its website after Breitbart News exposed some sordid details about his after-hours activities:

Ackley’s name was removed from the Girl Scout media page after Breitbart News reported Sunday night about the after-hours activities of Ackley. He and the Betties have produced a number of albums and at least two videos that some Girl Scout moms found objectionable. One shows a woman being stalked and strangled, all under the sneering countenance of Ackley. Another video shows a young man, perhaps Ackley himself, writhing around in newspapers, appearing to touch his genitals.


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