Hall of Famer Tarkenton Joins Push for Social Security Reform

Hall of Famer Tarkenton Joins Push for Social Security Reform

On January 16, Hall of Fame quarterback Fran Tarkenton is slated to join former House Speaker Dennis Hastert and Association of Mature American Citizens president Dan Weber at a press conference, where they will announce a joint lobbying effort directed at creating what they term a Social Security Guarantee.

“Fran Tarkenton,” Weber said, “has seen [our plan to save Social Security] and agrees that it will do what we say it will do and, as a result, has decided to join us as captain of the team we’ve assembled to fight the good fight. Our intention is to take the offensive on this important issue because no one else has, including AARP.”

Weber continued, “We’re going to make waves on both sides of the aisle lobbying for a different kind of special interest – the future of America. We will call upon both Republican and Democratic leaders to put the issue on the front burner.”

The press conference is slated for the National Press Club at 11:00 a.m. ET next Thursday in the Zenger Room.

Social Security reform has largely been off the table since President George W. Bush’s push for reform after his re-election effort was shut down.

The bill pushed by AMAC would create a voluntary supplemental payroll deduction, free of taxes, that would be administered like a 401(k). Hastert said that it was important to redirect conversation from Obamacare to Social Security reform “as a priority.” He says that Social Security is the “third rail” of politics, but “we are running out of road.”