Dallas Knockout Outside Denny's Restaurant

Dallas Knockout Outside Denny's Restaurant

A man lying face down, bleeding, and motionless was found on the ground between two parked cars outside of a Dallas restaurant. Responding officers believe that he “was the victim of the latest ‘knockout game.'” 

The so-called game, predominantly played by African American youths, involves the senseless and random punching of unsuspecting victims with the goal of rendering them unconscious. Unfortunately, it has resulted in numerous fatalities and seriously injured people across the nation.

A Denny’s restaurant manger found 70-year old Charles Pace in the parking lot at 2 AM. At first, she thought he might have had too much alcohol.  However, when he gained consciousness, he revealed that he was struck in the back of the head by three men as he approached the restaurant.   

This is the second crime in the last two weeks where a victim was attacked by three men in a restaurant parking lot near Knox-Henderson. Recently, a 69-year old was assaulted in the parking lot of a Campisi’s restaurant, just blocks from the Denny’s. In each case, the victims were brutally attacked, yet nothing was stolen and no words were exchanged.

So far the police have few tips on the perpetrators and are searching social media for clues. Police claim that the motives for the attacks are unclear. “I’m not gonna play into this knockout game.  It’s not a game. It’s a crime,” asserted  Dallas police Major Jeff Cotner. “These actions are criminal. Someone’s out there committing these crimes. They’re doing it with malice and forethought.” 

“They’re victimizing these people, and we need your help,” he stated.


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