Tea Party Activists Cheer Coca-Cola Surrender

Tea Party Activists Cheer Coca-Cola Surrender

Several Tea Party activists are cheering Coca-Cola’s decision to add a patriotic disclaimer to its controversial “America the Beautiful” ad that features children singing the deeply patriotic anthem in foreign languages. 

“Coke’s surrender to the loud voices of the American citizens demanding an American made product stay true its heritage mirrors the fight for American sovereignty against the pro-amnesty big corporatist legislation of the Democrats and RINOs,” Zan Green, founder of the Rainy Day Patriots Tea Party of Birmingham, Alabama, told Breitbart News.

“American citizenship is not for sale,” added Green. “America; it’s the real thing!”

Friday, the soda company bowed to criticism from conservatives over its “America the Beautiful” ad, including “E Pluribus Unum” and its English translation, “From many, one” in large text on screen during the first ten seconds of the ad. 

Two other Tea Party activists said they saw Coca-Cola’s decision to revise the ad so quickly as a positive step.

Lynn Moss of the Mid-South Tea Party in Memphis, Tennessee told Breitbart News “the decision of Coca-Cola to listen to the American people is a promising development. Perhaps other large companies will be motivated to do some homework on the issue. They’ll discover that only three percent of Americans consider immigration reform an important issue.”

Gary Aminoff, a Tea Party activist from Southern California, said “I applaud Coke’s recognition that multiculturalism is not the American tradition. Leaving foreign cultures behind and embracing ‘America the Beautiful’ and its English language is the tradition.”