House Democrats Think Happy Thoughts About Midterm Elections

House Democrats Think Happy Thoughts About Midterm Elections

Senior House Democratic lawmakers may be dropping like flies, the dreaded “six year itch” may be on its way to wreak havoc for the party, and Obamacare may be a dead weight pulling President Obama’s party underwater. But key congressional Democrats say they are optimistic their party can take back the House.

Democrats have “every opportunity to win the House,” Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT), a close friend of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, told Breitbart News. She added:

People talked about us losing the Senate the last time around. We won the Senate. The issues are poignant, and if you take a look at the data that demonstrates it, who do people trust on the minimum wage? Who do people trust on education? Who do people trust on equal pay? Paycheck fairness? It’s the Democrats.” 

On Wednesday, Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) also told Breitbart News, “The thing is so fluid. It hasn’t been two months ago that we were right on top and were wondering how many seats we were going to take, and they closed the government.” He continued, “Then we had snags on the Affordable Care Act, and we went down, and you know, with all of the meetings that I have attended, it’s been up and down.” Nonetheless, Rangel said, “It really doesn’t take much to reverse the momentum, so it never entered my mind that we could lose the Senate.”

DeLauro also said: 

Our colleagues on the other side have abdicated. They don’t care about unemployed people and their benefits. They will not extend them. Two million people now. You don’t think that doesn’t resonate with the public to who doesn’t want to extend their benefits? And we’re motivated on that issue. We’re motivated on the minimum wage.