Uninvited II: Phyllis Schlafly–Sen. Sessions 'Hero' for Opposing Amnesty

Uninvited II: Phyllis Schlafly–Sen. Sessions 'Hero' for Opposing Amnesty

Phyllis Schlafly, conservative icon and founder of the influential Eagle Forum, praised Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) as a “hero” for being one of the few lawmakers in Congress who understands the devastating impact amnesty legislation would have on American workers. 

Speaking at “The Uninvited II” national security forum on “Amnesty and Open Borders: The End of America–and the GOP” panel across the street from CPAC, Schlafly said that “there have not been many in Congress who have gotten the message, but one of them has been Sen. Sessions, and he has been a hero.” 

She said that Sessions immediately called out the House GOP leadership’s “immigration principles” for being the “same recycled talking points” that were crafted by the same consultants and special interests who only guaranteed “amnesty and not the enforcement.” 

Sessions provided House Republicans with a “myth vs. fact” sheet that exposed the misleading talking points that amnesty advocates in the House GOP leadership were promoting. And Schlafly said that Sessions was successful in pointing out a lot of lies that the GOP leadership was trying to push in their “hideaway in Maryland” that was appropriately called a “retreat.” 

“And we’re not retreating,” Schlafly declared. 

Schlafly stated that the House GOP leadership has claimed there is no special pathway to citizenship and no amnesty, but, as Sessions pointed out, those talking points are a “complete farce.” She also said that the background checks amnesty advocates are promising would be as worthless as those of the Boston bombers.

Pointing out that the Republican plan says the immigration debate would be “full and open,” she said, “That’s another laugh,” and she noted that the “Gang of 8” in the Senate wrote its bill behind closed doors, and the House GOP leadership snuck to a retreat to plot how to ram through amnesty.

Schlafly stated that there are “more than enough unemployed Americans to fill labor shortages” and took offense at the talking point that illegal immigrants are doing jobs Americans will not do. She added that Americans have always been doing jobs that the House GOP leadership claims “Americans won’t do.”

Schlafly took offense at the notion that the guest-workers in other countries are the “best and the brightest,” and she said the promise of more enforcement at the border is a “myth.”

Ultimately, as Sessions has also been saying while championing for American workers, Schlafly said the amnesty bill would not only be a disaster for the “unemployed and those who can’t find jobs,” but also, ironically, for everyone the country has let in and will seek to grant amnesty.

Schlafly said continually increasing the labor pool with cheap labor would ultimately lower wages for everyone, making it particularly more difficult for the country’s newest immigrants to achieve the American dream.