Boston Police Report: Woman 'Unresponsive' after Planned Parenthood Abortion

Boston Police Report: Woman 'Unresponsive' after Planned Parenthood Abortion

An incident report from the Boston Police Department confirms that a 911 call placed on March 12th at 9:38 a.m. from Boston Planned Parenthood indicated that a woman was unconscious at the facility.

According to the police report, an officer heard the call over his radio and responded to assist. By the time he arrived at the scene, several members of the Boston Fire Department were already present.

Inside the abortion facility, the officer observed a woman who seemed to be unconscious lying on an “operating table.” The officer spoke with one of Planned Parenthood’s registered nurses who said the 27-year-old “victim” was “unresponsive after a procedure.”

Pro-life group Operation Rescue reported that the woman was transported to Brigham and Women’s Hospital by ambulance, but there was no further information about her condition. However, Bill Cotter of Operation Rescue Boston said that a source informed him that the woman had “suffered an allergic reaction to an anesthetic.”

Operation Rescue stated, “It is now clear that the reaction was not reported until after the abortion was complete.”

Operation Rescue President Troy Newman said, “Right now we don’t know if this woman is alive or dead.” He added, “In fact, if pro-life activists had not been on the scene, this life-threatening abortion complication would be entirely unknown.”

“Since Planned Parenthood receives over a half-billion dollars of tax-payer funds each year, the public has a right to know when abortion-related injuries and deaths occur,” Newman said. “Instead,” he continued, “these incidents are often swept under the rug so no one knows the truth about how dangerous these abortion mills really are.”

The pro-life organization, which has called upon both the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine and the State Department of Public Health to investigate this incident, has documented at least three prior medical emergencies at Boston Planned Parenthood.