Dem Rep: Illegals Not Showing Up at Hearings as Rumors Spread of 'Permisos'

Dem Rep: Illegals Not Showing Up at Hearings as Rumors Spread of 'Permisos'

Illegal immigrants from Central America who are flooding across the border are given documents instructing them to appear before local Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents or immigration judges, usually within fifteen days.

A Texas Democrat says illegal immigrants are using those documents as “permisos” to permanently remain in the United States and are not showing up to their scheduled hearings. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) told local outlets in Texas that most illegal immigrants have already been skipping their scheduled hearings.

“If you’re a pregnant woman, or you’re a family unit, they’re gonna give you a piece of paper where you promise to show up in 90 days,” Cuellar told Fox News on Monday. “And I tell you, they’re not going to show up in 90 days. No way.”

As Breitbart News has reported, illegal immigrant youth have been flagging down border patrol agents to gain entry into the United States and receive what they have been told are “permits” to remain in the United States. Many of the illegal immigrants have been lured by promises from Republicans and Democrats of amnesty legislation, especially for children.

“Somebody said they are giving permits for people to stay here,” Carmen Avila, a pregnant mother from Honduras, told Fox News. “Some are coming to work, but they are being told they’re getting permits to stay here.”

According to Fox News, “from last October to the end of May, 162,000 people from countries ‘other than Mexico’ have entered the United States across the southern border,” and 47,017 were unaccompanied children “sent by family in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador or Nicaragua to join relatives in the United States.”

ICE officials told the Los Angeles Times that “they couldn’t guarantee that they would pursue all cases in which immigrants do not show up for follow-up appointments,” and they are releasing illegal immigrants “as long as they can provide an address for their destination – with family or friends, no matter their legal status.”

As Breitbart News has been extensively reporting, illegal immigrants detained in Texas are overwhelming the system and being sent to military bases and various states like Arizona and California. Local residents have wondered where illegal immigrants who are being dumped in their cities are actually going.


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