Rep. Tim Huelskamp: 'We'll Win Fight for Marriage Like We're Winning Fight for Life'

Rep. Tim Huelskamp: 'We'll Win Fight for Marriage Like We're Winning Fight for Life'

Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) doesn’t believe the fight for marriage between one man and one woman is over. He says this fight is important in many ways and plans to be among the many faith and government leaders to speak out in support of traditional marriage at the 2014 March for Marriage in Washington, D.C., on June 19th.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the conservative congressman talked about the meaning of marriage between a man and a woman for all Americans.

“The fight for marriage isn’t over at all, despite what the media want us to believe,” Huelskamp said. “They said the same thing the day after Roe v. Wade was decided – that the pro-life movement was over. But just look at us now.”

“We’re winning on life issues now, and that’s what will happen with traditional marriage,” he continued. “Kids need a mom and a dad, and people understand that. Marriage between a mom and a dad is most important for kids.”

Huelskamp is critical of how many Republican leaders have remained silent about activist judges overturning marriage laws in some states.

“They’re happy to comment against activist judges on other issues, but why not this one that affects children and families the most?” he asks. “On this one, where thirteen activist judges decided to ignore our own Supreme Court, they’re silent, and that’s how you lose an argument.”

“We now have a crumbling institution of marriage, and kids see that. They know what’s going on, and they’re looking for something more,” the congressman continued. “The institution of marriage holds society together. We can’t replace the family.”

Asked about activist politicians who are criticizing San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone and other speakers for the March for Marriage this Thursday, Huelskamp countered, “Where were these people when Bill Clinton and Barack Obama were for traditional marriage? We never heard from them criticizing the Clintons or Obama.”

Huelskamp added that the breakdown of traditional marriage between a man and a woman is hardest on women.

“Some men don’t want to be responsible fathers. It’s easier to say ‘Let’s just turn the kids over to the state,'” he said. “Women end up bearing the entire load, raising kids alone without a husband to share the parenting.”

“In many ways, the crumbling of the institution of marriage is the real ‘war on women,'” Huelskamp concluded. “Marriage is the civilizing influence for men and for families.”


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