GOP Roadmap to Victory: Become the Party of the Middle Class

GOP Roadmap to Victory: Become the Party of the Middle Class

It’s happening right now in America. Billionaires and big business are teaming up with Obama and his socialist cabal to destroy the middle class. 

Unfortunately, the tone deaf GOP has not only allowed them to do it–but they’ve managed to take the blame for the crime. They’ve allowed Democrats to paint the GOP as “the party of the rich.”

Eric Cantor becoming Vice Chairman and Managing Director of a Wall Street investment banking house is precisely why the GOP can’t shake its reputation as “the party of the wealthy” and why Romney couldn’t get the support of the “other 47%.” 

It’s all about branding. Democrats are good at it. The GOP is not. 

With nine weeks to go until the midterm elections, it’s time to teach the GOP about branding. The American middle class is under attack. This is a golden opportunity for the GOP to become its savior. In my new book, The Murder of the Middle Class, I lay out a detailed plan for the GOP to save America and become “the party of the middle class.”

Step One: Abandon billionaires, big business, and the corporate elite. The middle class needs a hero. If the GOP sounds the cavalry charge, they will sweep to victory.

Start by telling phony, hypocrite billionaires like Warren Buffett to take a hike. He portrays himself as “fair and generous,” gladly willing to pay higher taxes. It’s time to call his bluff.

The truth is, the so-called “1%” that Obama and Buffett are so keen on taxing, aren’t billionaires. The infamous 1% is primarily a bunch of hard-working, small business owners who started with nothing, worked their fingers to the bone, risked their own money, created a majority of America’s jobs and paid the majority of America’s taxes. 

Today they are struggling and already over-taxed. I’ve been screaming about this “blame the 1%” scam for six years. The fact is the 1% starts at an income of $300,000 per year.

Those aren’t billionaires. Those are small business owners and independent contractors. 

In reality, 99% of “the 1%” are falling behind. Reports are indicating that 99% of the 1% have seen no income gain since 1960. All the gain comes at the very top–billionaires in the .001%.

You can’t lump billionaires like Buffett–who made $12.7 billion last year–in with a small restaurant owner or local realtor who makes $300,000. But that’s exactly the scam Obama and his co-conspirators perpetrate to raise taxes on the middle class. The real theft is the .001% versus 99.999%.  

The .001% make their fortune from corporate welfare, crony capitalism (government contracts and favors) and stock gains- all made possible by Fed money printing, off the backs of the middle class (who must pay back the debt).

Buffett is the definition of “crony capitalism.” He’s gotten billion dollar sweetheart deals–all while owing one billion dollars to the IRS.

Check out his Goldman Sachs deal, or his B of A deal, or the railroad profits he makes from Obama’s rejection of the Keystone pipeline for 6 long years.

Buffett and Obama are dividing the GOP, forcing them to abandon small business and accept tax increases (or be called “the party of the rich”). But the GOP can break that stranglehold by positioning and “branding” itself as the protectors of small business. 

Most jobs are created by small business owners, independent contractors and self-employed professionals earning $250,000 to $500,000. To energize the economy, the GOP needs to courageously fight for small business, the self-employed and the middle class.

The GOP can expose the Democrats as the party of the super-rich by proposing tax cuts for small business, and raising taxes on incomes starting at $10 million, $20 million, and $50 million per year. Add a special tax increase on incomes over $100 million per year to be used specifically to pay down the national debt. Hit Warren Buffett where it hurts. 

If the GOP is serious about winning elections, sacrifice the truly rich. If the Democrats won’t agree, then brand them as the enemy of small business and the protector of fat cat billionaires. Let the secret out of the bag: Democrats are leading the “murder of the middle class.” 

My father once told me “The GOP is not the party of the rich. It’s the party of anyone who wants the opportunity to become rich.”  It’s time for the GOP to show they are supporters of the American Dream and the true “party of the middle class.” Instead of giving billions in handouts to billionaires, banks and big business, the GOP should be finding ways to encourage banks to give loans to small business owners and middle class homeowners.

Step Two: Jobs! 

The “dumb as a tree stump” GOP leadership has joined with big business, the Chamber of Commerce, and Democrats to support legalization of 12 million illegal immigrants, plus bring in more guest workers. This is insanity. 

The reason businesses need illegal and foreign guest workers…the reason homeowners need foreign maids, nannies and gardeners…the reason farmers need foreign workers…is because 92 million able-bodied, working age Americans are sitting home collecting entitlement checks. One third of America is not working! That group has no motivation to take gardening, farming or housekeeping jobs. Why work when you can sit at home, fat and happy, collecting welfare, food stamps and disability? 

The GOP must brand itself as the party of all those “looking for a hand up, not a hand out” by converting welfare spending to job training. Putting Americans back to work isn’t welfare; it’s a smart “investment.”  

The GOP should support mandatory job training (as well as drug testing) for every American who collects a government check. Then, we can match them up with the millions of housekeeping, landscaping, and farming jobs. If, after training, they refuse a job, they lose their government check. Period. 

The GOP jobs plan must include huge fines for hiring illegals. Not allowing illegals to work is the best border fence America can build. Will hourly wage rates increase? Absolutely. But having to pay a little more for fruits and vegetables, housecleaning, and landscaping, is a small price to pay for giving every American the dignity of a job and opportunity to pursue their own version of the American Dream. 

Stop telling us “illegals take jobs Americans don’t want.” Train unemployed Americans, and force them to take a job or starve. Take their welfare and food stamps away and they’ll want those jobs in a New York minute. Forcing 100 million Americans on entitlements to take a job, will save taxpayers billions in welfare spending, reduce the debt, and increase the tax base. Everyone wins.

There you have it. By truly becoming the party of small business and the middle class (and smartly branding itself as such) the GOP can become the majority party in America. And, while they’re at it, they can once again make America the envy of the world.


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