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George P. Bush: 'I Will Not Endorse' My Dad in 2016 GOP Presidential Primary

George P. Bush: 'I Will Not Endorse' My Dad in 2016 GOP Presidential Primary

On Friday evening, George P. Bush said he will not endorse anyone in the 2016 GOP presidential primary. This includes his father, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, should he decide to run.

Speaking at The Texas Tribune Festival, Bush, who endorsed Ted Cruz in the GOP Senate primary in 2012, was asked what he would do if Cruz–or any of the potential 2016 presidential candidates–wanted his endorsement.

“I’m staying out of that,” he told Tribune Editor-in-Chief Evan Smith. “I will not endorse.”

Smith then asked, “What if your dad runs?” and jokingly added, “What kind of son are you?” 

Bush replied in good nature, “I think folks know that I love him.” 

When Smith asked again if he would not endorse Cruz over Texas Gov. Rick Perry or his father over either if they all entered the presidential race, Bush said his focus has to be on running his agency if voters elect him for Texas land commissioner in the fall. 

Smith, to much laughter, joked that the headlines would say that Bush was “too busy to endorse his dad.” Bush laughed and said, “You got me on that.”

Smith noted that Jeb Bush, who has said that illegal immigration is an “act of love” and has pushed for comprehensive amnesty legislation, including massive increases in guest-worker visas that would lower the wages of American workers, has been “walloped” for his positions. Jeb bush has also embraced Common Core, which many conservative primary voters vehemently oppose.


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