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Democratic Strategist: Democrats Need 'Miracle' to Keep Senate

Democratic Strategist: Democrats Need 'Miracle' to Keep Senate

Democratic strategist Joe Trippi said on Sunday that it would be a “miracle” if Democrats manage to fend off a Republican takeover of the U.S. Senate come Nov. 4.

“I would gauge that Republicans are likely to pick up between five and eight seats,” Trippi said on Fox News Sunday.

Trippi added, “I don’t think there are anybody within any of those races who believes they are not going to be in the GOP hands in November.”

Trippi said a favorable outcome for Democrats would be a scenario wherein they lose just five Senate seats. The Democratic strategist noted that the use of President Barack Obama’s 2012 get out the vote efforts may be the party’s only hope.

“If they can actually generate that there’s a chance they–they do have a miracle and stop the Republicans from taking the Senate,” said Trippi.

Still, Republican strategists like Karl Rove have been careful to caution Republicans of overconfidence heading into the midterm elections. Rove cited Democrats’ cash advantage as a potential GOP pitfall.

“Reducing the Democratic cash advantage will tip the needle in the GOP’s direction,” Rove wrote in the Wall Street Journal. “That will only happen if Republicans open their wallets to candidates whom they may have never met, and, if they live in a battleground state, they clear their calendars to volunteer to identify and get out the vote.”

Voters head to the polls in 44 days.


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