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NC GOP: 'Silence' on the Charge Hagan Skipped ISIS Briefing for Fundraiser 'Speaks Volumes'

NC GOP: 'Silence' on the Charge Hagan Skipped ISIS Briefing for Fundraiser 'Speaks Volumes'

The North Carolina GOP is hammering Sen. Kay Hagan (D-NC) for failing to respond to a recent report alleging that she skipped a national security briefing about ISIS in order  to attend a fundraiser in New York City. 

“The silence from Hagan speaks volumes. Hagan could put this issue to rest immediately, but the lack of response only raises more questions,” the North Carolina Republican Party charged  in a Monday press release. 

Last week the Washington Free Beacon ran a report indicating that Hagan failed to attend a Feb 27 classified briefing on ISIS at 2:30 pm, as well as an Armed Services committee hearing that began in the morning. According to the report, the closed door meeting was a continuation of an open hearing that took place on Feb. 11 — that focused on the ISIS threat — which Hagan did not attend. 

Instead, the report continued, the evening of Feb. 27 there was a fundraiser in support of Hagan in New York City.

In the four days since the report was published, neither Hagan, her official Senate office, nor her reelection campaign have commented on the story to clarify the Senator’s schedule that day,” the NC GOP blasted in a press release. 

“The report also indicated that Hagan was scheduled to attend a fundraiser in New York City that evening, but her camp hasn’t confirmed or denied that either,” it continued. “And according to Senate records, Hagan was also absent from a public Senate Armed Services Committee hearing earlier that same day.

A Hagan campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment either. 

The incumbent Hagan is currently in a tight reelection race against Republican Thom Tillis. 

In recent days the Tillis campaign has attacked Hagan for failing to attend 27 out of 49 Armed Service Committee hearings over the past two years, according to the Charlotte Observer. 

The Observer reports that Hagan spokeswoman Sadie Weiner responded that Hagan often had conflicting hearings and that the committee spokeswoman Tara Andringa told the Observer that Hagan looked to have “one of the best attendance records on the committee.”


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