Ferguson Protesters Chase CNN News Reporter Off Live Broadcast

Ferguson Protesters Chase CNN News Reporter Off Live Broadcast

CNN reporter Sarah Sidener’s on air stand up in Ferguson, Missouri was disrupted on Monday night when supporters of Michael Brown surrounded Sidener and her cameraman and demanded that they leave the area. The video at Ferguson, shot by Bassem Masri a local activist, includes Masri and others accusing CNN of lying about the Michael Brown case and supporting “Zionists.”

According to his FaceBook page, Masri is a Chesterfield, Missouri resident and pro-Palestinian political activist who also supports Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

In his blog talk radio profile he says:

Born in St Louis and raised here I lived in East Jerusalem in Palestine from 98-00 Al Quds Wad IL Jos neighborhood where my father is from. My mom is from Ramallah West Bank.

Sidener attempted to give a report in front of the Ferguson Police Department after CNN Anchor Don Lemon introduced the segment and tossed to Sidener, but the reporter could not talk over the protesters who screamed at her, calling CNN a “fake media” outlet.  Pro-Palestinian groups have been organizing in Ferguson since Brown’s death in August.

When it was apparent Sidener could not do her report, Lemon moved on to a guest interview segment. Masri continued to scream at CNN’s reporter as she spoke on her cell phone and communicated on her BlackBerry.

Emotions in Ferguson are particularly high since The New York Times published a piece recently reporting forensic tests have found the blood of Brown on the gun, uniform and police vehicle of Officer Darren Wilson.

Wilson fatally shot Brown, who was unarmed two months ago in Ferguson. The incident sparked a violent face off between protesters and local police immediately thereafter.


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