Hagan Refuses to Give Herself a Grade As Senator

Hagan Refuses to Give Herself a Grade As Senator

Sen. Kay Hagan refused to give her performance in the U.S. Senate a grade in an interview that aired Thursday evening.  

Speaking to WFMY News 2 anchor Frank Mickens, Hagan avoided and then refused to provide an answer to how she would grade her first term in office.

Mickens: If you had to give yourself a grade on your first term, what would you give yourself?

Hagan: You know, I think the partisan gridlock has certainly frustrated me. It’s frustrated me. 

Mickens: But personally what would you give your performance.

Hagan: I’m not gonna give myself a grade, you know.

Mickens: So what would you give Congress in general? What grade would you give Congress in general?

Hagan: “I think I think we need to make significant change. We’ve got to be sure that people like me, the most moderate Senator, has the ability to work across the aisle and get things done.

Mickens: So not a “C,” I don’t hear you saying a “B” or an “A.”

Hagan: When you get somebody that says ‘shut the government down,’ I didn’t go to Washington to shut the government down.”

Hagan is facing a tough reelection bid against state House Speaker Thom Tillis in what has become one of the most expensive races this cycle. The election is mere days away. 



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