Virginia Lawmaker Explains: Dems Need Illegal Immigrants to Vote

Associated Press/Santa Barbara News-Press
Associated Press/Santa Barbara News-Press

As the Senate considers whether to take up a House-passed bill that aims to roll back President Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens, lawmakers might want to check with their constituents.

Americans oppose greater immigration. A new Gallup poll finds just seven percent want more immigration, and 39 percent want less. Yet Obama’s policy is to legalize some five million illegal aliens, allowing them to remain in the country and even go to work. After all, “We want everyone to seek employment,” Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch explained to Sen. Jeff Sessions.

The reason for that is simple: Democrats need to create voters, and they hope formerly illegal immigrants will join their party.

In states across the country, liberals are losing power. Earlier this month, for example, Virginia State Sen. Dick Saslaw, a liberal Democrat, told a meeting of his constituents that the state legislature would be even more conservative next year, because “two Republican senators that we know of will be ‘primaried’” and replaced with more conservative members.

But Saslaw, a former Majority leader, says he has hope for the future of his Democratic party. The “ideologically pure” Republican right wing, Saslaw says, will lose influence “as a continually growing legal immigrant population begins to impact elections,” the reliably liberal Falls Church News Press reports.

Now, Saslaw couldn’t be speaking about legal immigration. It will be at the same level this year as it was last and the year before that. If those immigrants haven’t boosted Democrat fortunes, there’s no reason to expect them to in the future.

The big change in immigration, of course, is amnesty. President Obama wants to make five million or so illegals into legal citizens. That, Saslaw seems to think, would be enough voters to influence elections even in Virginia, no border state.

Only time will tell.


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