CPAC: Atheist Group Says Obama ‘Knows The Arguments’ Against God


Last year, the American Atheists purchased a booth at CPAC — but when the group’s president told an interviewer that “the Christian Right should feel threatened by the presence of atheists at CPAC,” they were tossed from the conference.

David Silverman’s group is back with a booth this year and, according to him, doing a land-office business. “We came with two bags of atheist pins and they are all gone,” Silverman told Brietbart News. He said “We’ve signed up seven sheets of new members, that’s around 100.”

Silverman says there’s lots of atheists at CPAC.

The group Silverman heads will be familiar to Christian conservatives and others who remember prayer being yanked out of schools by the atheist Madelyn Murray O’Hare, the woman who sued and won every case to the Supreme Court so that her son William would not have to hear Christian prayers in school. Her son is now a Christian conservative leader.

Silverman says atheists can be faithful members of the conservative coalition; in favor of a strong defense, smaller government, less regulation, gun rights and all the rest — except for the social and moral issues of life and family.

“It’s possible for an atheist to be against abortion and against gay marriage,” he said, “but unlikely because all the arguments against them tend to be religious.”

“Moral issues are not conservative; they are theocratic masquerading as conservatism,” Silverman added.

After getting booted from CPAC last year, Silverman said he walked the hallways handing out literature and badges. He met earlier this year with new CPAC Executive Director Dan Schneider and had “a wonderful conversation” and they were let back in.

The mission of American Atheists does not relate to national defense, smaller government or social issues. It exists to welcome atheism into the GOP and society at large.

The American Atheists group wants to “eliminate the undue influence of Christian conservatives,” saying the government pushes Christianity on the rest of the country.

Silverman wants political candidates to court atheists, to ask for their votes, or at least not be ashamed of them. He also claims, “Twenty to thirty members of Congress are closeted atheists,” but did not say how he knew.

Silverman wants the GOP to dump the moral issues altogether and the result would be a surge of voters from millions of atheists, a group he says is “larger than Jews, Hindus and Muslims combined and doubled and the fastest growing group in America.”

He insists the Christians would not leave the GOP if the party dumped the moral issues.

Is Obama an atheist? Breitbart News asked.

“Obama was raised by an atheist and a skeptic, so he at least knows the arguments,” Silverman replied.



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