Obamacare ‘Doing Even Better Than I Expected’ President Says

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

President Obama boldly claimed Obamacare is successfully bringing down health care costs, although many of the most problematic clauses of the legislation have been postponed and some of the promises he made turned out to be untrue.

During a speech in Cleveland, Ohio today, Obama ridiculed Republicans for their “gloom and doom predictions” about his economic policies, including Obamacare.

“Every prediction they’ve made about it turned out to be wrong,” Obama said. “It’s working better than even I expected.”

Republicans, Obama insisted were taking an “evidence be damned” position by continuing to criticize Obamacare.

Obama also continued his policy of blaming problems on the economics of the George W. Bush administration, claiming that his tax-and-spend policies were actually helping the economy recover.

“For the first eight years of this century, before I came into office, we tried trickle down economics. We slashed taxes for folks at the top, cut regulations, didn’t make investments in the things we know we need to grow,” he said. “At the end of those eight years we had soaring deficits, record job losses, an economy in crippling recession.”


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