Steyn to Obama: ‘Black Lives Matter When They’re Christian Too’

Columnist and author of “The Undocumented Mark Steyn,” Mark Steyn criticized President Obama’s rhetoric regarding the Kenya terror attack by saying “#blacklivesmatter when they’re Christian too” on Wednesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“148 young students in Kenya have just been killed, slaughtered, their bodies on the floor by Muslim fanatics who asked the students in that university, ‘are you Christian or are you Muslim?’ And they let the Muslims go, and they slaughtered the Christians. now, this is a guy who’s happy to draw general lessons when a black youth gets killed in Ferguson, Missouri. That apparently has wide application for black people all over America, but 148 black corpses has no general application. Well, Mr. President, #blacklivesmatter when they’re Christian too. And the biggest story of our time is the extinction of some of the oldest Christian communities on the planet at hands of Islam, remorselessly, you dishonor those Kenyan students in death by not identifying them as Christians as you dishonored the Egyptians only a o couple weeks earlier” Steyn stated.

He continued, “I think in that sense Christianity for him is something he associates with white imperialism, whereas Islam is the exotic other and it’s the victim group. And the fact is that on his watch, the last Christian church in Afghanistan was razed to the ground on America’s watch, the Christian community in Iraq, an American protectorate has been exterminated on America’s watch, and that is something that ought to be shameful for him.”

Steyn concluded, “I don’t think in any sense he is a Christian, Sean. I think he’s a social justice warrior, who like a lot of people from the cultural left, regards religion as the opiate of the rubes…but I think in Obama’s case, it’s compounded by the fact that he does have this profound respect for Islam that leads him actually to invert the situation that’s going on in the world today, so that the Christians are the problem and the Muslims who are beheading the Christians, and shooting the Christians and cutting the throats of the Christians are somehow the victim group that we all need to be more sensitive to.”

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