Lefty Billionaire Tom Steyer Once Again Using His Billions to Criticize Money in Politics


Coal investment tycoon and global warming pusher Tom Steyer uses his billions as a weapon to shape government leftward, and this week he is again using his billions to criticize the libertarian-minded Koch brothers for using their own money to shape government rightward. For a second time now, Styer is calling for the Kochs to join him in a “debate” on climate change.

For years billionaire Steyer has used the money he earned investing in the international coal industry to push a global warming agenda, but he has also used his big bank roll to push the message of getting money out of politics–well, at least getting conservatives’ money out of politics. In a new op ed at the Huffington Post, Styer is once more attacking the libertarian Koch brothers for putting their money where their mouth is.

Despite his own track record of pumping millions upon millions of his own money into politics, Steyer hyperbolically opens his op ed warning that “The integrity of American democracy is at stake” because Charles and David Koch have gathered together a large coalition of deep-pocketed donors who have pledged to spend one billion dollars to try to promote conservative change in the 2016 election cycle.

In 2014 Steyer spent $74 million on his left-wing election agenda but didn’t get too much bang for his big buck after a landslide victory buried Washington in newly elected Republican officials.

But with the Koch brothers’ announcement that they intend to spend big money in 2016, and despite his own big political spending, Steyer proclaimed in his op ed that all this money “isn’t how America is supposed to work.”

Steyer complains that the Kochs ignored his previous “invitation” to join him in a debate to “publicly justify themselves to the American people” on views that conflict with Steyer’s global warming hysteria. Steyer then arrogantly claims that he’s about to “give them another chance” to bend to his will and join him at his debate.

The coal billionaire goes on to accuse the Kochs, Republicans, and even Ted Cruz of lying and misleading the country. He even intimates that their actions are un-American because they don’t comport to his way of thinking. And yet he wonders why no one will take seriously his “invitation” to debate?

Steyer’s entire op ed is amazing for its total lack of introspection and its glaring cognitive dissonance.

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