NYT’s Peters: Clintons Think There Are No ‘Legitimate’ Criticisms

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters criticized “Clinton world” for believing there are no “legitimate” criticisms of them and engaging in “character assassination” of their critics on Thursday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

Peters worried that legitimate questions about the Clinton Foundation are “going to be obscured by all of this character assassination that you’re seeing. When, in fact, the real question is not about Peter Schweizer, it’s not about whatever book he may have written about Disney before. I’ve met Peter Schweizer myself. He has very good, strong working relationships with a lot of journalists in Washington, and they guy has an ideology certainly, but I wouldn’t say that he’s an ideologue. But what we’re seeing consistently from the Clinton world, is that there appears to be no criticism of her leadership, of the former president’s leadership that is legitimate. And that is going to be a real problem going forward, because they’re basically saying ‘off-limits, anything you want to say, anything you want to report about their background, you’re biased. you have an ax to grind, and you’re part of the vast right wing conspiracy.'”

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