Molly Ball: Dems ‘Not Enthusiastic’ About Hillary’s ‘Corrosive’ Stiff-Arming of Press

Molly Ball, National Political Correspondent for the Atlantic argued Democrats “are not enthusiastic” Hillary Clinton has “stiff-armed the press,” and that her treatment of the press is “corrosive” to her image on Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week.”

Ball said, “I think a lot of Democrats are not enthusiastic about the way that she’s stiff-armed the press. And so it’s not just our self-interest saying she ought to open up a little bit. It does create a bad impression, it does — it doesn’t help her seem accessible when she is literally not accessible to everyone except the ‘everyday Americans’ that her campaign has carefully screened in advance. And you know her campaign would insist that regular people don’t care about that stuff, the griping of us in the press, but — and they may have a point. But I do think it is something that is corrosive to this image she’s trying to create.”

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