Chris Christie: Obama’s Iran Deal ‘Just Another In A Series Of His Lies’

AP/Matt Rourke

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie blasted President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal, calling his speech about the plan “just another in a series of his lies.”

Christie accused Obama of claiming that independent nuclear inspectors would have access to Iran’s nuclear facilities “any time anywhere.”

Christie made his comments this morning in Annapolis, Maryland during a press conference with Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who endorsed him for president.

Christie compared Obama’s comments on the Iran nuclear deal to his failed promise that if you liked your doctor or your insurance plan, you could keep it.

“That turned out to be a lie,” Christie said.

Christie pointed out that Iran could have up to 24 days to clean up a site before inspectors were allowed to go in, according to the terms of the deal.

“Listen, if the president likes this deal, then go and sell it, but sell it honestly. Don’t lie to the American people,” he said.

He accused Obama of following an policy of “appeasement” to the “petty dictators” of Iran, something that he would not tolerate if elected president.

“The president knows he signed a bad deal here, and he’s trying to sell a bad deal, and he’s trying to sell a bad deal by not telling the truth,” Christie explained.

Christie criticized the nature of the Iran nuclear deal as one-sided in favor of Iran – a mess that the next president would have to tackle.

“The way this negotiation was done, you wouldn’t let the President buy a car for you, let alone do this,” he said.

Christie also took shots at Hillary Clinton for her role in the negotiations, pointing out that she “owns” Obama’s foreign policy.

“Tell the truth about your deal Mr. President, and sell it on the facts,” Christie said.


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