Sick Irony: Shouting ‘Black Lives Matter’ in a Planned Parenthood Shirt


Black Lives Matter protestors wearing pink Planned Parenthood shirts shut down a recent rally by Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush, providing further evidence that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is not a marginal political group, but an increasing vital part of the institutional left’s community organized shock troop coalition.


The YouTube video’s description makes it clear that the angry free speech haters came from a cross section of the left’s current flavors of special interest groups: illegal aliens, union members and the sexually confused. The description says:

#BlackLivesMatter shut down a Jeb Bush presidential town hall in Las Vegas. Standing alongside them: Planned Parenthood, teachers, undocumented people, immigrants, children, women, men, the trans community, and some from the white community.

 As Breitbart news has extensively reported, the Black Lives Matter movement is the cop-hating bastard child of the 1960s Marxist group the Black Panthers and the 2011 Marxist, anarchist Occupy Wall Street movement, explicitly trained in Saul Alinsky tactics.
The irony of a mob shouting “Black Lives Matter” while wearing Planned Parenthood shirts was apparently lost on the protestors themselves. Planned Parenthood was founded by avowed racist Margaret Sanger and the black abortion rate is several times higher the per capitia rate for white people.


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